Tripping – Darren E.Laws

It didn’t take me long to get into this book. It’s arranged oddly, i.e. there’s a chapter that’s events happening in the present, and the next chapter is in the past. The same four characters are involved throughout, so as you read first the present, then the past, you’re slowly and intriguingly piecing together their lives. However, they’re tearing them apart.

The tale of four girls who met at University and then had a week’s reunion ten years later is a black comedy. There were some things that I felt almost guilty laughing at, but then I remembered it was fiction, so it didn’t matter. By the same token, there were some bits that made me gasp, brought a tear to my eye, and so on. Not many books bring out so many different emotions in me. I think the title of the book was very deliberately chosen for this reason, as well as the characters having various mental problems of some sort, you do feel almost like you’re ‘Tripping’ yourself.

This story would appeal to many readers. Although the basic formula, four girls having a reunion a decade after their time at University, is a set up for chick lit if ever I’ve heard one – it couldn’t be further from the genre. It’s a dark, gripping, and very chilling tale about events over a decade ago coming back to haunt the characters, and one by one they face their demons. Now you must read the book to find out who won.

Seriously, check this one out. I was so desperate to find out what happened next, I was sneaking in another page’s worth of reading when nobody was looking! It doesn’t matter what you’re into, this is drama at it’s best. I think it would work fantastically made into a film.

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