True Passion: A Tale of Desire – Madame B

Full title True Passion: A Tale of Desire As Told To Madame B is the first novella in the red-hot Madame B series. The main character Katie is fresh out of a long term relationship in which the sex was less than satisfactory. Her partner Stuart had been a very selfish lover, so when Katie finds herself single, she decides to go out and have all the great sex which she missed out on whilst in a relationship.

This time, however, Katie wants something different. Eager to experience more than just ‘vanilla’ sex, she frequents sex clubs and experiments with bondage, group sex and much, much more. Her partner in (sex) crime, Ved, certainly helps her push all her sexual boundaries, but as Katie trusts him implicitly, it’s nothing more than a naughty game. With Katie’s taste for adventure, and Ved’s contacts, they’re definitely having some seriously dirty fun, and Katie really feels as though she’s making up for lost time.

The only cloud on Katie’s horizon is Alex. Introduced by Katie’s best friend, he is everything a woman could ever want. Well, most women, anyway. Katie fancies him and wants to be with him but isn’t sure that she could face giving up her deviant sexual lifestyle and entering into another sexually ‘vanilla’ relationship. She tries to persuade Alex round to her way of thinking, but it seems he thinks kinky sex is wrong and that all people engaging in it are perverts. Is their relationship over before it’s even started? There’s only one way to find out…

Although I do tend to prefer short stories to novels or novellas in this genre, I did enjoy this. There is just enough sex to remind you that you are in fact reading an erotic book, but it’s not a total shag-fest. I found myself genuinely interested in the outcome of Katie’s story, and the sex scenes were definitely sizzling enough to get me excited!

My only criticism would be – as with other books in this series – it’s a little short, considering the price. But in terms of content, you can’t fault this book. If you want red-hot steamy sex and an interesting plot – you’ve got it here.

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