Ultimate Sex – Miranda Forbes (ed.)

I’ve mixed feelings about this book. Normally I adore these sorts of collections because the erotic short stories are easy to dip into, and they can get you in the mood very quickly. However, I felt Ultimate Sex: 20 Erotic Stories was lacking in places. Many of the stories were really sexy and erotic and definitely did the trick. On the other hand, though, the quality of writing in some of the stories really did nothing for me, and seemed almost amateurish which is surprising given this is a high quality published book. You may expect to see lacklustre erotica on the internet and on blogs, but not in a published collection.

Nevertheless, the stories that were good were very, very good – in particular Night Visitor and Spider Fingers. Both of these had an original plot and were extremely hot! That’s not to say the others were rubbish, just that some were much less erotic and didn’t paint the vivid pictures that are usually required when reading erotica to get you excited.

Don’t let this put you off though. I’ve read lots and lots of erotica over the past couple of years and perhaps I’ve refined my tastes a little and grown to expect really high-quality and quite hardcore writing. If you’re looking for something a little more gentle for your bedtime reading, then you could do a lot worse than this book. There are some real gems in this collection which carry it, and these alone give me reason to recommend this book to anyone after some frisky sex writing!

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