Vampire Diaries: The Return: Shadow Souls – L. J. Smith

Kind of book four, but really book six (the first two books came as 2-in-1’s), Shadow Souls continues where the last book left off. **spoiler warning**

Stefan is imprisoned in the Dark Dimension due to the evil kitsune he and Damon got tangled up with. Elena and Damon must team up once more, along with friends Bonnie, Meredith and Matt, to get into the Dimension and find a way to free Stefan, before it’s too late.

Elena is still sporting some crazy super-powers and she’s slowly learning, with Damon’s help, how to use them. Trouble is, all the time they’re spending together is taking its toll on both of them. Damon is madly in love with Elena, and still vows he will make her his Princess of Darkness. Elena is outwardly resisting, but inwardly wrestling with her feelings for him.

Throughout their dangerous journey to the portal to the Dark Dimension, then into the place itself, Damon and Elena grow closer. Elena realises he’s not all bad, and that a lot of it is an act. But, as she reminds herself, she’s all but betrothed to his brother, the vampire she swore to love forever…

A relatively saucy next installment in the saga, Shadow Souls is full of soul-searching, illicit snogging and bloodshed. This was my favourite book in the series so far, and I look forward to the release of the next.

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