Vampire, Interrupted – Lynsay Sands

Being the fan of all things vampire that I am, it’s pretty surprising that I’d never read a Lynsay Sands novel before. I’d heard of her, naturally, but there are so many books and so little time…

Anyway, our paths crossed eventually and I read Vampire, Interrupted. It tells the story of Marguerite Argeneau, a 700-year-old vampire. After the death of her husband, she is relishing her new-found freedom and has decided to begin a career as a private investigator. Her first task, track down Christian Notte’s father and convince him to give up the name of his son’s mother.

However, things are far from simple. Christian’s father, Julius Notte, has loved Marguerite for a long time – a very long time. When she turns up on his doorstep, demanding answers to very sensitive questions, it’s clear that something is wrong. They were so close, yet she doesn’t recognise him.

As he slowly fits the pieces of the puzzle back together, Julian believes he can find a way to help Marguerite and hopefully rekindle their long-lost love. However, he must do it quickly, because someone clearly doesn’t want his family history to be revealed, as the attacks on Marguerite have indicated. Can Julius, Marguerite, Christian and their friends work out what’s going on and put a stop to it, before it’s too late?

Vampire, Interrupted was, on the whole, a good read. It was fast-paced and very erotic in places. The storyline was excellent too. My only criticism was the number of characters. I found it quite difficult to keep track of all the characters, particularly as some of them had similar names. Several times I had to go back and check who was who. I believe there’s a family tree in the paperback, but I read this as an e-book, and it didn’t display. Other than that, though, a fab book. I’d definitely read more of Lynsay Sands’ books – particularly in this series – as I suspect there’s lots more to learn about the dozens of characters!

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