Waiting in Vain – Charlotte Stein

Having read (and loved) Charlotte Stein’s single-author anthology [intlink id=”1372″ type=”post”]The Things That Make Me Give In[/intlink], I already knew I was in for a good read when I started Waiting in Vain.

This tale revolves around Nancy, a bookish kind of girl who always gets invited to her brother’s wife’s family for Christmas, rather than spending it alone. She’s never had the heart to refuse, and it’s always been pleasant enough. This year, however, is different. Nancy’s sister-in-law’s brother, Mick Hennessey, is at his sexiest; and he’s also on the prowl. It starts with a hand on the thigh underneath the dinner table. It’s followed by sneaky glances, winks and close encounters in the hallway. Nancy is shocked at first, wondering what on earth this gorgeous man is doing copping a feel of her.

However, it’s soon apparent that Mick means to have Nancy. He’s relentless in his pursuit and Nancy quickly realises that she wants him just as much. But she’s worried that she’ll just be a notch on his belt, when she wants so much more. The pair give into their passions, but in a few short hours, they must decide what happens next. Was it just a Merry-Christmas-shag – or much more?

I was hooked on this story from the very beginning. Stein’s writing is full of so much energy that it’s unputdownable. The writing is just so fresh and funny that it was a pleasure to read. Waiting in Vain has an excellent storyline, an incredibly hunky male lead, a very likeable female character and some damn hot sex. I’d love to read more about these particular characters! I will, of course, be reading more of Stein’s work, whoever and whatever it’s about!

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