Wales of the Unexpected – Richard Holland

A book about two of my favourite things: Wales and ghosts. Although I’m not entirely sure whether I believe in ghosts and fairies etc… I love reading about them. I often find the stories inspiring, then I can write some of my own based on what I’ve read.

What made this book more interesting though, was the fact that you can go and visit many of the places that are spoken of in this book. For example, there is an Arthurian legend about a mountain and dragons (I’d actually heard the tale before at University, but didn’t know where it had taken place) and the book gives it a location – just outside Beddgelert, in North Wales. It makes things more tangible, somehow. And I like knowing stuff. Any kind of stuff about a place I’m going to visit. Just makes things that much more interesting.

Richard Holland writes for the North Wales Daily Post – and the stories in this book are a collection of ones printed in his regular column which gives this book its title. They have been collected from other storytellers, and also first hand from people who’ve read the newspaper and have decided to contribute their own stories.

A spooky book indeed. Its chapters are divided up into the types of story you’ll be reading in that particular section; for example ghosts, fairies and monsters. Fairies are my favourite as I’m a huge fan of fairy tales, and I’m sure if you’ve read some of my non-erotic stories you’ll see I dabble in those kinds of stories myself! You can have so much fun with them!

This is an excellent little book for anybody interested in either Wales, folklore and fairy tales, or the supernatural in general. It’s not a scary book, nor is it a difficult read as everything is broken down into small sections. Pick it up if you want to read something a little different. Excellent.

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