Wannabe A Writer? – Jane Wenham-Jones

Having savoured Jane’s advice in Writing Magazine, and enjoyed her novel Perfect Alibis (see review), it was the next logical step to read her book about writing. Released in May 2007, Wannabe a Writer? is crammed full of hints and tips to help would-be writers make it to the top. Or at least to publication, anyway.

Wenham-Jones’ easy and humourous style are consistent throughout this book, making it a pleasant read – you’re being given valuable information without feeling as though you’re being lectured. The wit and jokes also add a little something to this book, as do Jane’s comments about “do as I say, not as I do” – then she goes on to detail how she did something completely wrong and was humiliated. The way she puts herself down reminds the reader that although some writers earn millions, some thousands, and some even less, we’re all human. Nobody is any more “special” than anybody else, and with the right amount of talent, hard work, and luck, there’s no reason why every writer shouldn’t have a book or two on the shelves in WHSmith’s.

The layout of the book means you can dip in and out of it easily, and even just read the bits that apply to you. Overall, a very useful book telling you everything you need to know about becoming a published writer – and some other stuff you didn’t need to know, but hey! Definitely recommended for those who want to learn more without reading dull text books.

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