What My Best Friend Did – Lucy Dawson

Lucy Dawson is another new writer for me, but she’s definitely one I’d like to read more of. What My Best Friend Did is sort of chick-lit, but not quite. The novel does deal with life and love, but not really in a light-hearted, fluffy way. I still whizzed through the book with no trouble at all, but it definitely gave me more food for thought than your average chick-lit novel.

Alice and Gretchen meet at a photo shoot. Alice is a photographer looking to spread her wings, Gretchen the celebrity destined to be in front of the camera. The two girls become fast friends, injecting some desperately-needed excitement into Alice’s life. She feels everything has gotten a little stale – the boyfriend who’s desperate to settle down, invites to weddings and christenings – Alice just wants MORE. And Gretchen is the perfect person to supply it. So begins a whirlwind of crazy nights out and girly chats. Gretchen’s gorgeous brother, Bailey, also sweetens the deal.

Soon, though, Alice finds out there’s more to Gretchen than meets the eye. Her friend has a mental illness and hasn’t told her about it before because it’s driven previous friends away. Question is, will Alice stay and be there for Gretchen, or will she run for the hills, like so many before her? Suddenly, Alice craves her stale life… it was so much less complicated.

I loved this. It’s not your typical chick-lit. You could still quite happily read it on the beach or in the bath, and it doesn’t take an awful lot of concentration, but it does make you examine the human psyche and the way we behave towards one another. It’s a real page-turner, I did find myself loathe to put it down when I could no longer keep my eyes open at bedtime, or when lunch hour was over at work. And who could ask for any more than that? An easy to read page turner which doesn’t require too much brain power. Recommended.

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