Whip Me – Cathryn Cooper (ed.)

I’ve read several Xcite titles now, and I have to say this is definitely one of the best. Whip Me consists of 20 erotic stories, by a variety of authors. I was expecting them all to have a whipping theme, but inexplicably, some of them didn’t. Nevertheless, this was a very exciting book and it certainly pushed my buttons! The stories were all very naughty and therefore perfect to get you in the mood. A couple were littered with cliches and a touch of corny dialogue but because the sex scenes were so hot I managed to forget all about it and become lost in the story – which can only be a good sign!

I’m definitely discovering favourite authors after reading several of these titles, and I think most other people will too. Of course it depends on the individual tastes of the reader, but that’s the beauty of an anthology – there’s something for everyone. Educating Emma is a particular favourite of mine, despite it being one of the stories which had a strange absence of whipping. It was incredibly hot, though, and I think a vast majority of women will agree! This is a must-have – add it to your basket now, you won’t regret it!

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