Wicked Words 10 – Kerri Sharp (ed.)

I’ve had this book in my collection for some time, so have read it a couple of times now, and I have to say I still thoroughly enjoyed it! It’s basically a compilation of the best stories from previous Black Lace editions of Wicked Words. I haven’t, of course, read all of the other Wicked Words, but I’m getting there. And this book is definitely hot!!

Black Lace has changed over the years, and as I’m reading more and more titles, I’m noticing this quite considerably. For example, as “political correctness” becomes more of an issue, Black Lace is, unfortunately becoming more vanilla. This book, though, published in 2004 isn’t. It’s full of some incredibly alternative ideas for an erotic story, for example sex with a wheelchair user, a priest deflowering members of his congregation, and so on. It’s great to see different situations being brought up, rather than same old, same old. And indeed, many of these ideas will appeal to the readers, even the more niche situations were arousing in their own way.

Overall, I think this is a really good book! It’s naughty, it’s different and it’s sexy – what’s not to like? If you like Black Lace, particularly its more hardcore elements, give Wicked Words 10 a bash.

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