Wildwood – Janine Ashbless

My first experience of Janine Ashbless’ writing has been a positive one. Wildwood has a sexy front cover – and a very sexy storyline. It starts off gently, giving you some necessary back story, but when the action kicks in, you’re in for a wild ride!

Avril is a tree surgeon, and she’s damn good at her job. Nevertheless, she’s still surprised when entrepreneur Michael Deverick offers her a job on an estate he’s renovating. Although she was happy in her job, Michael offered her a salary package she couldn’t refuse. Unfortunately, not long after starting in her new role, Avril discovers that not the only package he’s offering her. Unwilling to get embroiled in the whole ‘shagging the boss’ thing, Avril rebuffs his advances. Besides, she doesn’t even like him that much. Does she? Maybe not as a person, but there’s something about him that’s piqued her interest.

Michael is a man that’s not used to being turned by women, and it spurs him on even more to pursue his newest employee. Meanwhile, Avril has discovered that things aren’t quite what they seem on the Kester Estate. There are a bunch of environmental activists living in the woods on the property, and at night there are strange beings wandering the land. Presently, Avril comes across the leader of the activists, Ash, and things start to become a little clearer.

It would appear there’s a war afoot. Michael is determined to get into the wildwood, for reasons unknown, and Ash is determined to stop him. Avril is caught in the middle and unwilling to fall on either man’s side until she knows more about what is going on. Trouble is, when she finds out, she is taken completely by surprise. What will she do? Both men are fighting over the wood, and Avril herself.

Avril ends up with more sex than she knows what to do with, but it still doesn’t solve her dilemma regarding the wildwood. Soon, she realises she has to choose a side – and the man who represents it.

Book summary: hot. I really liked this unique supernatural twist to the book. Many supernatural erotica runs along the same themes, but this was something completely different to the books I’ve read in the past, and it completely worked. Throwing in old myths and legends to the mix really added to it, particularly for a history geek such as myself. Wildwood combines, sex, the outdoors, the supernatural and British myth and legend – some of my favourite things, and for this reason – it gets top marks from me. If you’re of a similar opinion – buy it now.

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