Working Wonders – Jenny Colgan

The first thing that struck me on starting this book is that it’s not Colgan’s usual style. Of course, it’s still chick lit, but there was an underlying theme which requires you to have at least some knowledge of classic literature to fully understand the storyline.

The main character Arthur, is definitely what you would call a character. He seems to blunder from one awkward situation to the next, which of course, has the end result of reminding readers that he is in fact, a normal bloke. In most senses of the word, anyway.

The main storyline is that after a rather large and expensive mishap at the office, Arthur is promoted, and he and his team embark on a huge project to win a competition, rendering Coventry the most beautiful in Europe.

Cue some oddball friends, a budding romance, a scheming ex-girlfriend, a jealous ex-boss, some wacky ideas and a dog more human than the rest of them, and you’ve got a recipe for laughs.

It doesn’t disappoint, this novel. It’s just a bit of a departure from Colgan’s usual light-hearted style, and it’ll take some getting used to. I’d still definitely give it a read, because one you start, you’ll not want to put it down until you know what happens.

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