Your Erotic Personality – Sage Vivant

Those of you who regularly dabble in the world of erotica will no doubt be familiar with the name Sage Vivant. If not, why not?! Sage runs an incredibly successful website Custom Erotica Source, where she and several other writers fulfil the needs of those looking for, well, Custom Erotica! Customers submit their requests and fantasies, and one of the talented group of writers comes up with a story just for them!

An ingenious idea, you might say. And you’d be right. Sage has made a living, and a name for herself by founding this excellent business. Even more ingenious, however, is that Sage has, all along been collecting information about the likes/dislikes and quirks of her various customers, and has now used this information to write a book.

Your Erotic Personality contains detailed information on twelve ‘erotic personalities’ – giving possible reasons for the way they are, what they like to indulge in sexually, and their best matches from other erotic types. Sage stresses that you probably don’t just belong to one of the categories – your tastes may sit astride more than one, or you may have a primary personality with a secondary one lurking in the background.

This book is fantastic because it helps you discover your own erotic personality; emphasises, that whichever one (or more) you may be, that you are perfectly normal; and gives you information on what it is that you truly desire. You are also advised on what other personalities are best suited to you, so you don’t end up with someone who you may never be sexually compatible with.

The information on each type is incredibly in-depth. This is made all the more fascinating because this isn’t something Sage has read about and re-written, it’s information she has gleaned from her customers at CES over the years she has been running it. This is first-hand information, from someone who knows!

This book is aimed at anyone with an interest in finding about more about sex. Even if you think you know yourself, this book is likely to tell you something you didn’t know, whether it be about yourself, or your partner! It’s also interesting to find out about sex, it’s kinks, and differences from person to person. Even if you never have, and never will be, interested in being a dominatrix, it’s interesting to see what motivates these people, and why this particular way of living turns them on. You are never made to feel like any of these types are ‘weird’ or ‘wrong’ which is fantastic, Sage looks at each with a completely objective eye and states the facts. If anything, some people who perhaps did think they were ‘weird’ will now hopefully realise that everyone is different, and open-minded people, or those with similar kinks, will not think any less of them for their tastes, and those that do, aren’t worth bothering with anyway.

One thing I did discover that isn’t covered in the book (maybe Sage would disagree) is that your erotic personality may actually change as you grow and mature. This is just my personal experience, however, and I’m no threat to Sage’s ‘sexpert’ crown – so check this book out and find out more about yourself and how to truly get the most from sex.

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