2 Point 4 Children

I am one of these people that will flick through Sky and Freeview to watch cheesy old sitcoms for a giggle – and I really like most of them. However, I haven’t seen 2 Point 4 Children on TV for a very long time, so I was very pleased to get my hands on this box set. I watched series 1 – 3 end to end and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’d totally forgotten just how daft and hilarious the show was!

Seriously sarcastic Bill lives with her husband Ben, and kids Jenny and David. Her friend Rona lives across the road – and the show follows their lives and the scrapes they get themselves into. It’s one of those wholesome sitcoms you can sit and watch with anyone, young or old, and it’s likely most people will find it funny. It’s PG – there’s no swearing, no violence and no sex (well, it’s implied but not seen!) – and yet it’s thoroughly entertaining, proving you don’t need those things to glue people to the screen.

There’s not really a lot else I can say to describe this. It’s definitely the acting that makes it, and the interaction between them. The family is ‘real,’ that is, you can well imagine families behaving like that in real life, and having crazy things happen to them. They’re all funny, lovable and completely watchable. If you like daft sitcoms, get your hands on this box set and hope, like I am, that Eureka decide to release the rest on DVD soon!

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