Ace Ventura – Pet Detective

If you ever want to watch a really insane film which will make you laugh, then this is it. I enjoy most Jim Carrey films and although this one is some years old, it never fails to make me chuckle. It has quite a clever plot, i.e. Carrey plays a pet detective, whereby people hire him to find their pets or animals. They may have been stolen, kidnapped or otherwise, but by hook or by crook, Ace Ventura will find and return the creature to its rightful owner.

The film’s charm is mainly in Carrey’s idiocy. His talent for pulling stupid faces and generally being a moron is amazing. I’m guessing being on a film set with him would have you holding your sides most of the time. But it makes the film, because the character of Ace Ventura is a lovable idiot, and in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective he certainly saves the day by returning the missing mascot of a football team just in time for their Superbowl game.

If you hate Carrey (as many do) then don’t watch this film. But if you like him, or you’re indifferent, it’s a laugh a minute and you have to admire the guy for happily making an idiot of himself on camera for the public’s enjoyment.

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