All For Love

I’m not entirely sure what to make of this one. When I first put it in the DVD player, I was expecting a soppy Austen-esque costume drama which would have me hugging for my pillow and dreaming of my Prince Charming. However, it had me hugging my pillow to stop my sides hurting because I was laughing so hard. Thing is, I’m not sure if I was supposed to be laughing or not? Nowhere in the description does it mention that this is a comedy, but by the end I was convinced it was a spoof. Re-reading the information about it, it’s all very serious. Therefore I’m not sure what comment to give! If it was classed as a comedy and a mickey-take out of romances, then it sure did the job because it cracked me up! But as a deadly serious romantic drama, then it’s pretty damn awful!

All For Love is the tale of French army Captain Jacques de Keroual de Saint Ives (Jean Marc-Barr), and his quest to win the heart of the beautiful English rose Fiona Gilchrist (Anna Friel). Taken at surface value, it’s an incredibly entertaining film, but I really did think it was a spoof. It made a mockery of most of the characters – Captain Jacques was portrayed as an army Casanova, and all-round typical Frenchman, despite his perfect English accent. Richard E Grant’s character was the most camp and silly fellow you could ever hope to see, and indeed it was he that caused the majority of my giggling. I did think it was a good story, but to be marketed as a serious drama is pretty insane. The DVD packaging looks romantic and serious, meaning people are going to be expecting just that, so there may well be some disappointed customers.

Basically, if you’ll take this at face value, you’ll enjoy it. It’s mildly romantic, and really funny. But if you’re expecting something to make you have a little weep and go ‘Ahhh’ at the end, this isn’t it.

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