I knew Babel was going to be a little off-the-wall from reviews and stuff I’d read, but I wasn’t disappointed. It was gritty, hard-hitting stuff. I don’t remember any of the characters name, but Brad Pitt’s character and his wife (played by Cate Blanchett) are on holiday, getting away from it all and attempting to save their rocky relationship. Their children are safe at home with the nanny. Whilst away, Cate’s character (sorry, it just didn’t sink in!) is shot – they’re sightseeing on a coach and the bullet comes through the window. In the middle of nowhere, with miles to go to the nearest hospital, panic ensues.

As it does at the top of the mountain the gunshot came from. Two young boys have been messing around with their father’s gun and daring each other to shoot at the coach. One boy misses – the other fires the lethal shot. Terrified, they hide the gun, and themselves.

Meanwhile, the two children left with the nanny are having an adventure of their own. The nanny’s son is getting married back home in Mexico, and she desperately wants to go but has no-one to look after the children, so they have to accompany her. Everything is fine, until her drunken nephew fails to get them safely back through the border to America.

Thousands of miles away, a deaf Japanese girl is struggling to come to terms with her mother’s death, and the way she is treated as soon as people discover her disability. Her story ties in with the others as it is her father that gave the gun to the farmer whose son shot the tourist.

So you see there are four different storylines which unfold, but each is connected to the other in some way. It’s a pretty deep film and delves into the human mind and emotion, and shows how perfectly normal events can suddenly take a turn for the worse. As I said, it’s off-the-wall and pretty different to mainstream films, but I took it for what it was and I enjoyed it. If, like me, you don’t fancy the pants of Brad Pitt, you might like it. If you do, then you’ll love it 🙂

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