Bee Movie

I saw Bee Movie at the cinema and really enjoyed it, so had no problems whatsoever watching it again. Not exactly a chore, is it? Anyway, this is another offering from Dreamworks Animation, the same people that created Shrek, and stars Renée Zellweger and Jerry Seinfeld as the voices of two of the major characters.

The story starts in a bee hive. Barry Benson (a bee, voiced by Seinfeld) is getting ready for his graduation ceremony. After three days at infant school, three days at junior school, and three days at high school, Barry is ready to hit the big time and get his first job. When bees choose their job, they have the same one for life. This doesn’t seem to bother most bees, but Barry wants more. He’s worried about having the same job for his entire life, so he slips out of the queue for jobs and decides to go exploring. He bumps into some pollen jocks who have just returned from collecting nectar and pollinating flowers. He’s envious that they get to leave the hive and see the wide world – and he wants to give it a try, particularly when he sees how the female bees react to the pollen jocks.

So Barry goes on a mission with the pollen jocks, despite being told how dangerous it is. But he loves it in the wide world and goes exploring. Soon, though, he gets into trouble when it starts raining (and everyone knows bees can’t fly in rain) and crash lands into a window box. Temporarily safe but very confused, he heads into the flat believing that the light hanging from the ceiling is the sun and immediately gets set upon by humans. His life is saved by a kind-hearted young woman called Vanessa (Zellweger). Barry is instantly in love.

From then, Barry thinks to hell with the rule that bees can’t talk to humans, and embarks on a friendship with Vanessa. Then one day they’re in a shop together and Barry spots the honey that is on sale. Outraged – Barry makes Vanessa realise how hard the bees work to make that honey, only for it to be stolen from them. Turning detective, Barry discovers exactly how it’s being made, and with Vanessa’s help files a law suit against humans for stealing the honey.

Predictably, all hell breaks loose, and the outcome isn’t exactly what Barry expected. But still, all’s well that ends well, as the saying goes.

This is a great film. It’s one of those films that kids will adore because of the cute characters and the simplicity, but adults will love the ‘in-jokes’ which the kids wouldn’t understand. And it’s becoming increasingly the norm that these kinds of films are packed full of adult jokes. I’m not complaining because I thought it was a really funny film and I’d recommend it to anyone with a sense of humour like mine. This is definitely a film that will appeal to a wide variety of people, and it’s got a cute moral to the story too – very fairy tale like!

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