Born Survivor: Bear Grylls Panama

Panama is the follow up series to Born Survivor: Bear Grylls Patagonia. And I have to say I actually thought this one was better. And worse, in some ways, but I’ll tell all in a moment.

In Panama, Bear is launched into the rainforest, where he then proceeds to show viewers how to survive. This includes swinging around on vines, lighting fires, building hammocks and wading through crocodile infested water. Unfortunately, he also has to fill his appetite, which much to my disgust involved eating grubs, grasshoppers, cockroaches, and the one that literally made me heave… a vine snake. Truly revolting, but truly amazing. Bear also teaches viewers what to do if they injure themselves – explaining that the smallest scratch or cut could kill them if not treated quickly due to the high concentration of bacteria. After hearing about all the horrible diseases you can get out there, it makes you feel somewhat silly for complaining about having a cold or the flu!

As I said, I thought this series was better than Patagonia, but I think it’s because there was more going on. Despite Bear eating some truly awful things that made me cringe, if you were stranded somewhere, he’s the kind of guy you’d want with you! Particularly as he seems to spend a fair bit of this series wandering around with no shirt on! Well… he did say it’s key to survival to keep your spirits up if you ever get stuck in these kinds of places, and I think a half naked man with a nice body would go a long way to cheering me up.

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