Born Survivor: Bear Grylls Patagonia

Given The Times quote was “Bear is the first sex symbol of the post apocalyptic age” I was immediately interested. Unfortunately, though he’s not bad-looking, he’s not my cup of tea. However, that didn’t dampen my enjoyment of the programme. Bear, who quite frankly is insane, jumps out of a plane onto the ice fields of Patagonia and proceeds to well, survive.

Bear demonstrates various techniques needed for survival in these kinds of places. And if, like me, you sit there going “but as if I’m ever going to be in that situation,” he explains how planes have crashed in areas such as this and people haven’t survived because they haven’t had a clue what they were doing. In fact, many hardened explorers have been lost in such places. So there.

This series wasn’t quite as dramatic as I was expecting, as there was no point in time where anything really went majorly wrong. In fact, the most dramatic part for me was when he started eating creepy crawlies – ergh! Overall, I thought this was a really good series. It certainly shows a different side to the planet, instead of the touristy areas, you get to see something completely new, and realise just why people don’t live there. It’s just too cold and dangerous, in the case of Patagonia. I do think it’s a pretty slim chance that you’ll find yourself in some of the situations that Bear puts himself in, but if you do, you’re prepared. And if you’re ever asked in a pub quiz – you’ll be grateful you watched it!

If you’re into the outdoors I think you’ll find this really interesting, but if your favourite programmes are soaps then it’s probably not going to be to your liking.

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