As soon as I found out this film was directed by Henry Selick, the same guy that did The Nightmare Before Christmas, I knew it was going to be my cup of tea. And I wasn’t disappointed. The look and feel of the film are very similar, so if you like that kooky style, then you’ll love Coraline.

Based on Neil Gaiman’s international best-selling book, Coraline is the tale of the eponymous heroine. She and her parents have just moved house and she’s eager to explore. Her parents don’t seem particularly interested in what’s she up to, so when she discovers a secret door, she has no hesitation in going through it. And to begin with, Coraline is very happy that she did; because it’s her parallel reality. Everything is the same, with the exception of the people and animals. Her parents, rather than being distant and uninterested, will bend over backwards to tend to her every need. The neighbourhood cat chats away, and even her new friend has lost some of his more annoying traits. Coraline loves the new world so much she’s reluctant to go back.

However, as goes the say, all good things must come to an end. So when things start to turn a little sinister and creepy in the ‘other’ world, Coraline must use her wit and determination to find her way back home safely and protect those she loves.

Overall, this was a really enjoyable film. It wasn’t quite as genius as The Nightmare Before Christmas, but it’ll appeal to the same audience. So if you’re one of them, sit back and enjoy Coraline.

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