Dan in Real Life

I expected great things from this film given its impressive cast list. And while I wasn’t blown away, I wasn’t disappointed either. Dan in Real Life tells the story of advice columnist Dan Burns. He is a single father to three daughters as his wife passed away four years ago. He’d never previously made any attempts to date anyone, simply concentrating on juggling his work and his family. It doesn’t prove easy as the girls are quite the handful!

Soon, though, things begin to look up for Dan. He and the girls go to Dan’s parents annual family reunion. On popping into the town for newspapers, Dan bumps into an attractive woman and they instantly have a rapport. After a deep and meaningful conversation in which Dan pours his heart out about his wife for the first time, Marie has to leave but tells Dan he can call her if he wants to. Incredibly happy and taken aback, Dan promises that he will, and makes his way back to his parents’ house. Imagine his surprise when, on being introduced to his brother’s new girlfriend he is brought face to face once more with Marie. Unsure how to react, the pair panic and formulate a plan to pretend that nothing happened. However, things don’t go quite to plan and soon Dan is forced to admit his feelings for the first woman he’s cared for since his late wife.

I was expecting something really funny from this film, something a bit slapstick, along the lines of The 40 Year Old Virgin. I wouldn’t say I was disappointed as such, but it wasn’t hilarious. It was actually bordering on chick-flick, which took me by surprise. I do, however, like chick-flicks, so that’s not a bad thing. Just remember, if you’re expecting rude and crude, Dan in Real Life ain’t it. If you’re expecting a mildly funny, easy to watch film, here it is.

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