DVD Review: Life As We Know It

As soon as I saw a trailer for this film, I really wanted to see it. I’m not much of a baby person but I just thought it looked fabulously funny. Luckily, I was right.

Life As We Know it stars Katherine Heigl as Holly and Josh Duhamel as Messer. Once upon a time their best friends tried to set them up on a date. It went hideously wrong and they’ve disliked each other ever since. Only having to put up with each other at get-togethers, they manage. That is until a tragedy leaves their goddaughter, Sophie, an orphan. Naturally, Holly and Messer are devastated at the loss of their friends, but they’re also shocked to find out that the two of them have been named as joint guardians of the little girl.

Somehow, they’ve got to muddle through parenthood and living together; juggling their jobs and nappies while trying to keep Sophie’s life as normal as possible. It makes for an absolutely hilarious film and one that I’d urge chick flick fans to watch. It’s funny, but you’ll also need tissues at times, so be warned!

It won’t be making it onto¬† my top films of all time list, but it’s definitely worth a watch.

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