Giselle lives in a forest in a lovely house with all her woodland friends, dreaming of her prince. She bursts into song as she describes to her furry companions what love is all about, and Prince Edward who is galloping around the forest catching trolls, hears her. He vows to find the woman that has such a beautiful voice and marry her. On discovering her, the two fall madly in love and decide they will marry in the morning and live happily ever after.

However, Prince Edward’s step-mother, the Queen has been doing everything in her power to stop her step-son meeting a young woman and planning to marry. She is not willing to give up her throne for anyone. So when Giselle rushes to her nuptials the following day, the Queen disguises herself as an old hag and manages to persuade the naive young woman to look into the wishing well and wish for her heart’s desire. As Giselle stands at the edge of the well, the old hag pushes her. Not to certain death – but worse. The bottom of the well leads to the sewers underneath New York, and that is where poor Gisele is catapulted to.

Completely unprepared for ‘real-life’, Gisele wanders New York and alarms more than a few people with her strange behaviour. Then she comes into acquaintance with divorce lawyer Robert and his six year old daughter, who is transfixed by this strange young woman in a beautiful dress. Exercising her famous pester power, little Morgan persuades her daddy to let the ‘princess’ stay at their apartment. Gisele has now introduced herself and told them of her plight, and assures them that her one true love, Edward, will come and rescue her. Convinced she is mentally ill, Robert takes pity on her and allows her back to the apartment to rest.

Back in Gisele’s home of Andalasia, chipmunk Pip is explaining to Prince Edward what has happened. The Prince immediately jumps into the well to rescue his Princess. The Queen is incensed and sends her faithful servant after him to try and stop the two lovebirds finding one another.

This is where the fun really begins. As the dim-witted Prince searches high and low for his love, Gisele’s attitude to life slowly starts to change, and she and Robert establish a connection, despite both of their best efforts to ignore it. New York descends into madness as the Edward and Gisele run around with their funny attitudes and have people singing and dancing in the streets, and being held at swordpoint. You’ll have to wait and see what happens in the end, I don’t want to give it all away!

I really liked this film. I was expecting it to be very childish (I’m not saying that’s a bad thing), which it was, particularly in the parts which are in Andalasia. But I also felt the parts which were in New York were very well acted – as essentially Amy Adams who plays ‘real-life’ Giselle has to act like a naive cartoon character, and she was very convincing. James Marsden, who plays Prince Edward was also fantastic – playing the typical arrogant and rather stupid Prince. The silly pair were definitely the stars of the film, which I thought was great. It was really funny, particularly in ‘real-life.’

This film is a credit to Disney. It’s an excellent mixture of the cheesy (but great!) fairy tales of old and the more modern films they’re making. It really is what they do best, and had many allusions to animated films gone by: The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves etc. But on that note, you don’t really miss out on anything if you haven’t seen those films, it just adds a little more comedy value if you have. Enchanted is fab. Girls from 3 to 63 will enjoy this – but doubt very much any guys will.

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