I’m into these sorts of films, all witchcraft, wizardry and dragons, so this was a definite addition the “must watch” list.

I realise Eragon is primarily aimed at a younger audience, but I think much like the beloved Harry Potter, it will appeal to a wide audience, anyone with an interest in the fantasy genre, really.

Main character Eragon is well cast – his wide eyed and excited innocence fits in well with the beginning of the film, and then slips away into silent determination as the action unfolds. I really enjoyed the way things were slowly introduced to the audience, i.e. the fact the “stone” Eragon finds is in fact an egg, and then it turns out that everybody in fact knows much more than they’re letting on. It makes for an intriguing film that leaves you guessing – which is of course exactly what the viewer wants.

The basic plot begins when adventurous Eragon finds what he thinks is a stone in the forest whilst he is hunting. What he actually possesses turns out to be something much more interesting and sinister. The stone is in fact an egg which belongs to the feared king of the land, who nobody dares to defy on pain of death. Only one person knows of Eragon’s possession – but when he is pressed, Eragon is forced to flee, and this is where everything really starts to happen. The egg hatches into the cutest little creature you’ve ever seen – which soon grows into a huge and not so cute dragon. Eragon finds an ally in Brom, and the discovery of all that he knows is a shock, to say the least, for the young hero.

This is an action packed, interesting film with a plot that really left me hanging on and wanting to watch until the end. I did my usual trick of saying “such and such is going to happen” – and I often guess right, but this time I didn’t, so that can only be a good thing! I was left a little unfulfilled by the end of the film, but there’s blantantly going to be a sequel, so I guess I’ll just have to wait!

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