Fantastic Four – Rise of the Silver Surfer

As a fan of the first film, not to mention the divine Chris Evans, Fantastic Four – Rise of the Silver Surfer was on my must-watch list.

The film starts with Reed and Sue arranging to get married after several aborted attempts, due to various catastrophes the world over, which the Fantastic Four have felt obliged to avert. But this time Reed has promised nothing will get in the way of their nuptials, which of course is a recipe for disaster. For as soon as the wedding draws close, the world is in peril once more. This time, a mysterious force is causing odd things to happen the planet over, like the freezing of entire oceans, and enormous craters in the Earth’s surface. It is soon realised that a strange silver alien on what looks like a surfboard is causing these anomalies. The Army come to Reed for help, much to Sue’s indignance.

Cut to the wedding of the two superheroes – another aborted attempt. The Silver Surfer, as it is now known, knows that Reed has built a tracking device to see what it is up to, and comes directly to the source to destroy it – just as the two lovers start to exchange their vows. Sue is distraught at another failed attempt to get married, but also comes to realise that because of who they are, their lives will never be normal.

Now, however, the chase is on. Reed works out where the Surfer will next strike using a set of complicated calculations, and they immediately go there to try and avert the next disaster. It doesn’t quite work – and the Army General loses faith in their ability, and looks for another answer – Victor von Doom.

Von Doom has somehow gotten himself out of the container we saw bound for Latvia at the end of the last film. He still has his powers, but doesn’t let on. So he jumps at the chance to work on a project to catch this Silver Surfer – though as we soon realise, it’s not for the good of humanity – just himself.

Things become increasingly complicated – even after the Surfer is captured. Turns out it is not the Surfer himself that is trying to destroy the Earth, but his Master. And the surfboard is what is drawing this mysterious force closer and closer to Earth to suck out all its energy and leave it completely barren. To make things worse, Von Doom has now disappeared with the board – as the end of the world draws nigh.

The Four must work hard and fast to prevent the end of the world – using all four of their unique powers to save humanity. What happens next – well you’ll just have to wait and see.

An excellent film. I wouldn’t say it was quite as good as the first, but I felt there was more humour in the first which is what made it so appealing to me. It’s definitely a great sequel, and if there’s one downside, it’s that Chris Evans didn’t take his clothes off so often!

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