Ghost Rider

So far I’ve enjoyed most of the comic-to-film conversions of everyone’s favourite superheroes, so I thought I’d give Ghost Rider a spin (pardon the pun!). Oh, and I also have a bit of a thing for Nicolas Cage, don’t ask me why.

I thought it started pretty well. The film led everyone into the storyline, and made us care about the characters, and all that jazz. Then things started to go wrong. Normally I’m a bit of a crier. Weddings, funerals, christenings… but when good old Mephistopheles killed off Johnny’s dad; nothing. I saw it coming so far ahead that I’d already got over it by the time it happened. Predictability continued when Johnny Blaze’s (Nicolas Cage) ‘first love’ came back into the film, and despite the fact he’d left her all those years ago, she still fell into his arms (yawn).

Then randomness ensued. When Blackheart was introduced, I thought it rather strange that he could be the devil’s son AND a fallen angel. How does that work?! I’ve seen fallen angel storylines before, and the angels generally come from Heaven, not Hell.

There were some good points though. It made me laugh. But then I laugh at totally inopportune moments, when nobody else is laughing, or even smiling. I must have the strangest sense of humour in the world. I tittered uncontrollably when Blaze started pulling faces and saying ‘boo’ to himself in the mirror trying to make himself go on fire.

I did like the special effects too. The rider was pretty impressive.

Overall, pretty mediocre. Good effects and all that, but dead predictable. And yes of course I knew right away the old guy was the Rider that got away. Cage/comic book fans might like this, otherwise don’t bother parting with your hard-earned cash.

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