After I Am Legend (disappointing), I was hoping for a good Will Smith film. Unfortunately, I didn’t get my wish. I like superhero movies, generally, but Hancock is mediocre.

John Hancock is a depressed alcoholic superhero. He’s still doing his job, but in the process of saving lives he’s also costing Los Angeles millions of dollars in repairs. For this reason, the public do not like him and are getting to the stage where they wish he’d leave and go ‘save’ another city. Things change, though, when Hancock saves the life of super-duper PR guy Ray Embrey. Realising that Hancock is a good guy underneath it all, he decides to help him by changing his image and have the public love him once more.

However, things aren’t quite that clear cut. From their first meeting, it’s obvious that Ray’s wife Mary hates Hancock. She tries to talk her husband out of helping him, emphasising that he’s a lost cause and isn’t worth the trouble. It soon becomes clear, though, that Mary has good reason to want to keep her distance from John Hancock…

This film did nothing for me. There were a few half-hearted laughs, but I thought the characters were flat throughout, and even the ‘twist’ in the tale came in too late. By that point, I was just hoping there wasn’t much more left to watch. There was nothing clever or exciting about Hancock, it was just silly. Even if you’re heavily into superhero films and Will Smith – I still wouldn’t bother.

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