Hex Series 1 & 2

I have never been so gutted as when I discovered Hex was to end after just two series! It’s very cross-genre, incorporating supernatural, comedy and drama all into one exciting, sexy program.

Series one begins as we join Cassie at her posh boarding school, Medenham Hall. A loner, except for her best friend Thelma, Cassie is subjected to teasing and humiliation from her peers.

Longing to be popular, she tries to act cool and fails miserably. One day, after a sneaky fag in one of the school outhouses, Cassie finds an old vase and takes it back to her and Thelma’s room. After cutting her finger on the sharp base, strange things begin to happen…

Thelma declares, and proves, her undying love for Cassie, fallen angels appear in the school grounds and Cassie soon realises things will never be the same.

The occupants of Medenham Hall think that all hell has broken loose as gruesome deaths occur and monsters lurk in the grounds. Well, they’d be right.

I really don’t want to say any more as it will just ruin the ‘wow’ factor when you come to watch it, but seriously, it’s got everything to keep you right on the edge of your seat, sex, drama, scandal, moral dilemmas and cliff hangers galore. It can get fairly complex in places, though, so pay attention.

It’s by far the best series of its kind I’ve ever watched. I did watch the odd Buffy episode but always found myself sniggering as it all seemed so unrealistic, but with Hex, its got that something special. It got me hooked enough that I’ve watched both series 1 and 2 several times and still never get bored. There’s always something I missed, or didn’t notice before.

I can’t say any more. If you’re a fan of dark, supernatural stuff, or just TV that will keep you both glued to the screen and on the edge of your seat, I recommend Hex 100%. Love it.

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