I Love You, Man

Paul Rudd has been in rather a lot of films, but he’s typically played smaller roles where he’s been in the background and hasn’t really been allowed to shine. [intlink id=”734″ type=”post”]Role Models[/intlink] seemed to bring about a change, and now the lovely Mr Rudd has a film all his own… I Love You, Man. Nowhere near as gay as it sounds, Rudd plays Peter Klaven, a real estate agent who’s just proposed to his girlfriend, Zooey.

As plans start to be made for the wedding, Klaven realises that Zooey has several bridesmaids, and yet he has no-one outside of his family to match that – i.e. no best man. He actually has no friends at all, as he’s always been a “girlfriend guy.” The film tells the tale of his search for a friend who can be his best man. It plays out very much like a rom-com, except in this case, it’s boy-meets-boy, and they don’t fall in love, but they do their male bonding thing. And, voila – one best man. Except, as you may well expect, things don’t quite run smoothly.

I Love You, Man isn’t quite as funny as [intlink id=”734″ type=”post”]Role Models[/intlink], but it still shows off Rudd’s acting talent well – I was cringing for him during some of those awkward silences as goes on ‘dates’ with his potential best-men. It’s funny, cute, and will definitely appeal to the guys as well as the girls – this is no chick-flick.

Guys will laugh and possibly identify with Klaven and girls will, well… drool. A great all-rounder.
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