I’m a total sucker for fairy tales and the like, so Inkheart appealed to me from the off. Based on the novel by Cornelia Funke, Inkheart is about a man who brings characters out of books when he reads. Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, when “Silvertongue,” as he’s known, reads people out of books, someone or something goes back in. Who or what, he has no control over.

Mo Folchart (played by Brendan Frasier) discovers his gift when reading to his young daughter from a book called Inkheart. An innocent enough pastime, but when Mo starts to hear voices, he falters but then carries on regardless. Suddenly, he’s presented with the very character he’s just been reading about. Confusion ensues, and when things calm down, Mo realises that his wife Resa (Sienna Guillory), has gone. It takes him a while to work out what happened, but it’s already too late – the book has been taken so he can’t read her back out. In another stroke of bad luck the novel has been out of print for many, many years and so copies are difficult to come by. Regardless, Mo is determined to get the book, and his wife, back. So he devotes his life to locating another copy of the book and refuses to read aloud until then.

This is the story of Mo’s search for the book and what happens when he finds it. Because of course, it’s not going to be as simple as just reading Resa back out, is it? It wouldn’t be a story then…

With an all-star cast of Brendan Frasier, Helen Mirren, Andy Serkis, Jim Broadbent, Paul Bettany and John Thomson, Inkheart promises much. And in my opinion, it delivers. It’s not aimed at adults, so it’s not particularly dark or scary – but if you just take it for what it is, you’ll be entertained. It’s an interesting story, well-acted, good special effects and with a light sprinkling of humour. You could do much worse on a quiet night in.  It just depends what you’re into. If you like folk and fairy tales, you’ll likely enjoy this.

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