James May’s Toy Stories

James May is a self-confessed geek and big kid. So if either of those descriptions appeal to you, then you’re going to enjoy James May’s Toy Stories. The idea of the series is to highlight to the youth of today that games consoles and television aren’t the be all end all. It’s a way of educating them about the toys that used to delight and entertain young people.

The toys involved across the programmes include: plasticine, LEGO, Airfix, Scalextrix, Meccano and model railways. However, rather than just playing with the toys and trying to get kids interested, James draws attention big style. There are no attic-based train sets or plasticine sausages here. No, the projects undertaken in the show are huge and incredibly interesting. There’s the full sized plasticine garden, a Meccano bridge – and perhaps the most famous; the LEGO house.

Every episode is fascinating because it shows just what is possible with these toys, and how much interest they awaken in people. Each event had the help of the British public as well as professionals, and each is stunning. My particular favourite is the LEGO house – it’s just amazing. Words really cannot describe.

So, whether you’re a fan of Top Gear or not – I’d say watch this. It appeals to all ages: it’ll take some of you back in time and send you into your lofts, and it’ll make others wish they’d thought of that…

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