Just Like Heaven

I’m a big fan of Reese Witherspoon. For starters, I’d like to look like her, because she’s absolutely gorgeous, in a girl next door kind of way. But anyway, she has a talent. She can play any role and be convincing. She can play a bimbo in the Legally Blonde films, a famous songstress in Walk The Line, and an overworked doctor in Just Like Heaven. She’s a joy to watch.

Witherspoon plays Elizabeth, a hard-working doctor who is going places in her career. She has little time for anything else, as she is a true career girl. She does, however, have a close relationship with her sister and on the way to her house one evening after work, she meets with a dreadful accident.

Then to add insult to injury, she arrives home to find a stranger has installed himself in her apartment. Confusion and anger ensue, as David (Mark Ruffalo) insists he has legally rented the apartment, and Elizabeth insists this is not possible… then disappears right before his eyes.

David comes to the conclusion he’s had one too many beers and is hallucinating, imagining a beautiful woman in his apartment. Elizabeth returns and persuades him that she is no hallucination. The two argue constantly, David convinced that she is a ghost haunting her old apartment, whereas Elizabeth has other ideas.

After enlisting the help of many exorcists and similar spiritual types, David reluctantly agrees that Elizabeth isn’t dead, and agrees to help her get to the bottom of the mystery.

Some detective work reveals unpleasant results. Elizabeth’s dreadful accident was a car crash, which left her in a coma in the very hospital she’d left that evening. She’s been in a coma for several months and her brain activity is decreasing. Doctors would normally have turned off life support by this stage, but because of the relationship, the hospital staff are reluctant to let her go.

However, the unlikely couple discover that doctors are asking Elizabeth’s sister for permission to turn off the life support, given that Elizabeth had signed a consent form saying this was her wish, should anything ever happen to her.

It’s a race against time to get Elizabeth’s spirit back into her body before it’s too late. For saying it’s such a deep storyline, it’s a really funny and light-hearted film, but sweet at the same time. You’ll need tissues. Definitely worth a watch.

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