Legally Blondes

I enjoyed the fluffiness of the two Legally Blonde films, so was definitely up for watching this third installment. I suspected that it might not be as good given it sneaked itself straight out onto DVD as opposed to being screened in cinemas. It also doesn’t feature Reese Witherspoon. Regardless, I decided to give it a go.

Legally Blondes is the story of Elle Woods’ cousins, Annie and Izzy Woods. Due to their father’s job, the twins have to move from England to Los Angeles and are enrolled in a prep school. Unaware of just how snobby their fellow students are, the girls get in with the ‘in’ crowd. That is until the snobs discover the girls got in on scholarship and therefore decide they are no longer worthy of their friendship. Queen bitch Tiffany then puts together a plot to frame the girls for a crime and get them thrown out of the school for good. However, Tiffany hasn’t bet on how close, or how smart, the twins are. Annie and Izzy are really put to the test as they use their legal skills to find enough evidence to clear their names and uncover the real culprits!

A mixture of Mean Girls, Clueless and the other two Legally Blonde films, this isn’t particularly original. There are some parts which seem to have been lifted from the films I’ve just mentioned and put into this one. Those who have watched lots of chick-flicks will probably find even more similarities than I have. That’s not to say it’s a bad film, because it isn’t. It just isn’t great – mediocre at best. If you’ve seen the other two movies starring Reese Witherspoon it’s worth giving this one a go, but it isn’t a patch on the previous two and is nothing special in its own right. Just a pleasant way to spend an hour or so.

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