Living in Oblivion

Living in Oblivion stars Steve Buscemi, who plays Nick Reve, a luckless low-budget film director trying to get his artistic vision onto the big screen. He’s written a screenplay he’s determined to film, starring the leading lady in his own life, though she doesn’t know it. She has confidence issues, the leading man is an egotistical maniac who insists on changing scenes and filming them how he wants to, as opposed to how they’re written.

Nick is becoming increasingly frustrated with take after take with nothing to show for his efforts. His inept crew aren’t helping matters, as they’re busy with love rivalries, insecurities and throwing up after consuming ‘off’ milk. He is clinging tightly onto his sanity as the filming progresses, and the arrival on set of his batty mother, who’s escaped from her nursing home is almost enough to push him over the edge. But he manages to see it through and capture his dream on film, but certainly not without further mishaps.

Classed as a dark comedy, I’m not sure I entirely ‘got’ this. The endless retake scenes at the beginning of the film were almost enough to make me turn off before I was even fifteen minutes in. But there were glimmers of humour which appealed to me enough to make me keep watching. But to be honest, the film for me, was a whole load of nothingness. I thought it was pretty silly and pointless and it didn’t really make me laugh, so unless you’re into daft humour – I wouldn’t bother.

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