Long Way Down

The team from Long Way Round; Ewan McGregor, Charley Boorman, David Alexanian and Russ Malkin have done it again. Only this time, they’ve travelled from John O’Groats in Scotland to Cape Town in South Africa. Their journey took them down through Scotland and England, across to Western Europe and then to Africa. An unforgettable experience, and one the whole team knew they were lucky to be a part of.

This documentary is great entertainment. I read the book before watching this and was pleased to note that they seem to have told some different stories in the book to the ones that have been shown in the final edit of the DVD. So it wasn’t at all repetitive. I think in the DVD they seem to have cut out footage of their charity visits, but this could well be because they weren’t allowed to film, and because the guys all found the visits quite emotional and wouldn’t necessarily want this shown. But whatever their reasons, I feel that having read the book and watched this DVD, I have a fairly full knowledge of what happened.

The DVD seems to focus more on disputes between the people on the trip, and in particular the fact that Ewan’s wife, Eve, wanted to join them on the trip for a short while. This seemed a real bone of contention between the guys, and you can absolutely see why. All the fun and camaraderie between the guys seemed to disappear when Eve was on the scene. Her personality just didn’t lend to the light-heartedness of the atmosphere and I was glad they didn’t show much footage of her visit, it just wasn’t as jolly and adventurous. Though it did crack me up when she kept falling off the bike!

Overall, there’s not much else you can say about this. If you’re interested in this kind of thing, it’s great. Long Way Down is beautifully produced, great fun and makes you jealous of their adventure. But it also raises awareness of poverty and other problems throughout the world so that’s just another tick in the box.

This is a great gift for motorbike fans and adventurers… or both!

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