Made of Honour

In Made of Honour, Patrick Dempsey plays Tom, a nice guy but a serial dater whose sex life is dominated by rules, i.e. no back-to-backs, no phone call until at least 24 hours after getting a phone number, and so on. He has no emotional attachment to any of these women, and in fact, the only constant female in his life is Hannah (Michelle Monaghan). They’ve been best friends since college and are pretty much inseparable.

When Hannah goes to Scotland for six weeks to work, Tom has an epiphany. Yes, you’ve guessed it, he’s in love with Hannah, and has been for a very long time. He decides to tell her as soon as she’s back on American soil. However, things don’t quite go to plan. For Hannah has someone in tow… Colin (Kevin McKidd). He’s a rich Scotsman and after a whirlwind romance, they’ve decided to get married. In two weeks’ time.

Tom has no experience with this. He doesn’t normally need to win women over, but this time it’s different. There’s no way he can let Hannah marry Colin – but how to break them up? That’s when Hannah drops another bombshell, and asks him to be her maid of honour. His instant reaction is to run a mile, but his male buddies assure him that this is a great way to stop the wedding – he will be at her side every step of the way and have the opportunity to mess things up from the inside. Tom sees the logic, and begins to execute his plan.

Hannah is so deeply and sickeningly in love with Colin (or so it seems) that none of Tom’s ideas seem to work, or even make a difference. He finally realises he has to stop playing games and just play straight down the line, or he’ll lose Hannah forever.

This film is fabulous! There are no shocking twists in the tale, it’s all pretty straight-forward, but it’s a great story. You know there’s going to be a happy-ever-after, but the characters and execution of the film are so great that it’s the journey that makes it. There are some real ‘awww’ and laugh out loud moments which make this film a riot. I enjoyed this from start to finish and think that if you love a good simple chick-flick, then you will love Made of Honour.

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