Marley and Me

I purposely didn’t go to see this at the cinema, because having read the book, I knew I’d cry like a baby. And I was right. Don’t get me wrong, most of the way through Marley and Me I was giggling like a lunatic, but the ending is really sad.

The story begins with newlyweds John and Jenny. Wanting to start a family, but worried how they’ll cope, John takes Jenny on a surprise trip… to buy a puppy. The pair adopt Marley, a cute labrador pup. They clearly have no idea how much energy these kinds of dogs have – and it appears Marley has more than most. Soon, Marley has chewed tables, sofas, dry wall and much more, and even been thrown out of obedience school. John and Jenny have the world’s worst dog on their hands.

Despite being naughty, Marley is also very lovable and protective of his family, which also extends to the children when they come along. He is firmly a part of the family and sees them through good times and bad. The film is basically the story of his life.

The DVD also includes some great special features, including; a feature where the producers find and train the dogs used in the film, information on adopting dogs (actually a great idea for children, as it emphasises how important it is to do some research before getting a pet), deleted scenes and a gag reel.

Overall this film is mainly hilarious with some poignant and sad parts. Basically, if you love animals, and in particular dogs, you will enjoy this film.

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