Max and Paddy’s Road To Nowhere

Lovable Phoenix Nights doormen Max and Paddy have bought a motor home, and have taken to terrorising the roads of Britain. Their aim? Your guess is as good as mine.

They go where they want, do what they want, and best of all don’t pay council tax. So join the gruesome twosome as they travel the country, getting into trouble, and then running from it as fast as they can!

See Paddy, complete with hot pants, star in a porn film as the prey of several large black men. See Max reminisce about the love of his life, who isn’t as “past tense” as he once thought.

Other side splitting escapades including vandalising speed cameras (come on, we’ve all been tempted), throwing urine over policemen (umm…) and alarming families as they practice their Dirty Dancing.

Sex, Little Chef hold-ups and scandal. It’s all present in this hilarious addition to any Peter Kay fan’s collection. If you’re new to Peter Kay, however, I recommend his stand up shows or Phoenix Nights to start you off. But definitely come back for this one. Top notch.

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