Mean Girls

Mean Girls stars Lindsay Lohan as Cady Heron, a clueless teenager who’s been brought up in the African jungle by her zoologist parents, meaning she’s never attended high school. Until now. Thrown in at the deep end, she has to quickly learn the ‘rules’ of high school; where to sit, what to do, who to talk to, who not to talk to… poor Cady ends up eating her lunch in the toilets on more than one occasion.

However, two friendly ‘outcasts’ soon take her under their wing and help her acclimatise to school life. They point out all the different cliques and warn her away from the Plastics – three pretty, popular, and truly evil girls. Cady soon runs into trouble, though, when the ‘Queen Bee’ of the Plastics, Regina George, spots her and asks her to sit with them. Regina then decides to befriend Cady. Preferring to be with her ‘outcast’ friends, Cady isn’t sure. But after explaining to Janis and Damian, the three of them decide Cady should pretend to be one of the Plastics in order to discover all their deepest darkest secrets, and bring them down from the inside, punishing them for the torture they’ve inflicted on their fellow students over the years.

Totally the opposite of the bitchy, air-headed and self-obsessed Plastics, Cady struggles to fit in with them, but tries her best. She is excelling in her classes, particularly Mathematics – her favourite. But there is a distraction in that particular class – in the shape of the gorgeous Aaron Samuels, who also happens to be Regina’s ex-boyfriend. Warned off Aaron by Plastic #2, Gretchen, Cady tries to hide her attraction. But soon enough, Regina finds out about her crush on Aaron and encourages Cady to ‘go for it’ with him – only then to start dating him again and waving the fact in Cady’s face. Cady now knows how truly evil Regina can be, and resolves to bring her status down, with help from her true friends. But in trying to bring down the Plastics, Cady unwittingly becomes one herself.

A real chick-flick, in the same league as Clueless and similar American comedies, Mean Girls will really make you giggle in places, and also emphathise with many of the characters. This is a feel-good film as all comes right in the end and there truly is a moral to the story, which is often lacking in modern films.

Overall, not half bad. I didn’t think it was as good as Clueless, but still definitely worth picking up on DVD for a girly night in.

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