Mouth to Mouth

Mouth to Mouth tells the tale of Sherry, a young girl who, disillusioned with her life takes off with a group called SPARKS (Street People Armed With Radical Knowledge), hoping to change her life. They travel through Europe, and Sherry finally feels that she has been accepted and is understood. Their final destination is a Portuguese vineyard, which is idyllic, a swimming pool, beautiful weather, the works. Many of the group have drug problems, and they grow closer as they all try to help and support each other through their problems.

However, the longer Sherry is with the group, she begins to realise that things aren’t quite what they seem. They’re not actually a happy-go-lucky group of like-minded souls. They’re a cult – and their leader is sick. He punishes members of the group by making them eat chillies, and lowering them into empty wells for days on end. The final straw comes when Sherry and her friend Nancy are in “The Pit” as a punishment. Nancy is an asthma sufferer, and being in The Pit starts her off on an attack. Sherry screams and shouts for help, but none comes, so Nancy dies. Realising that SPARK is in fact a sick and morbid cult, she leaves, taking two others with her. And that’s about it!

There wasn’t much more to the film – there was no “happy ending” or tying of loose ends – it was one of those films where “the point” was the journey of the character and the things they learn, I suppose. It wasn’t bad, and it was gritty with a capital ‘G’ but I wouldn’t have said it had a “wow” factor. It was just OK. So if you’re into the kind of film which is very much about a characters’ emotional journey then go for it, but otherwise I’d wait until it comes on TV for free.

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