Night at the Museum

I grabbed Night at the Museum for next to nothing on DVD ready for the new one coming out. I watched this one at the cinema and enjoyed it, so was happy to have my mind refreshed.

Night at the Museum is based on the novel by Milan Trenc. Ben Stiller plays Larry Daley, a down on his luck divorcee. Though he’s still on good terms with his ex-wife, she pushes him to do better. She wants him to set a good example for their son and stop moving from one place to another through lack of funds. She is desperate for stability for her son. Heeding this advice, Larry wangles himself an interview at the Museum of Natural History. As luck would have it, he gets the job, replacing three soon-to-retire guards. They give him a run-down of his duties, and, just before clocking off, a list of instructions. Naturally, Larry doesn’t read them and that’s where the trouble starts.

You see, what the guards haven’t told him is that in the museum is an Ancient Egyptian tablet which has magical powers, bringing all of the exhibits in the museum to life between sundown and sunrise. And so the fun begins. Larry’s first run in is with the skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and things get steadily more hilarious from there. After surviving a night of mayhem, Larry’s first reaction is to quit. But he soon realises that to set a good example to his son, he needs to stop quitting and take ownership of something. The museum is it. Larry soon perfects his nightly routine and gets everything under control. Until, that is, the golden tablet goes missing…

Night at the Museum is a great little film. As it’s based on a kids’ book, you’d expect it to be quite childish. It is a little, but is equally enjoyable for adults. It’s just good, clean fun. It has a nice moral to the story, is funny and definitely worth forking a few quid out on, particularly in lieu of the sequel.

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