Open Season 2

I adored Open Season. I thought it was clever and funny and would recommend it to others. So I was quite excited to find there was a sequel coming out. My excitement was dampened slightly when I discovered it was going straight to DVD (in the UK, at any rate). And yet further when I found out that Ashton Kutcher and Martin Lawrence were no longer voicing the main characters, Boog and Elliot. It didn’t bode well. Still, I put my misgivings aside and sat down to watch Open Season 2.

It was a turkey right from the start I’m afraid. I’m usually a huge fan of animated films but this just didn’t get me going. There didn’t seem to be any chemistry going on and the characters just weren’t the buzzy, crazy creatures of the first film. The plot was reasonable but not the hare-brained (pardon the pun) action seen in the previous movie. It was just flat – totally devoid of the enthusiasm the first outing was spilling over with. It did make me laugh, however. Just the once, mind. And that was right at the end when the characters completely murder The Carpenters’ classic Close To You. Karen would be turning in her grave. Don’t let Open Season 2 send you to yours early – give it a miss.

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