P.S. I Love You

As a fan of the book, I was excited when this film came out. Now normally, films aren’t a patch on the book (with a few exceptions like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter) so I wasn’t expecting miracles, but I did adore the book and its storyline so knew it couldn’t be terrible.

It wasn’t terrible. I haven’t read the book for a long time, but it’s still in my collection and I’d definitely read it again, even more so now. I was a little dubious that they’d changed the setting from Ireland to the States, but refrained from passing judgement. I just watched the film with an open mind. And, as it turned out, very wet eyes. I’d forgotten just how sad it is!

In brief, Holly and Gerry are a married couple that fight like cat and dog – but they don’t really mean it and always enjoy making up afterwards. But Holly soon regrets the way she behaved when Gerry is diagnosed with a brain tumour and passes away. She’s just 29 and widowed – the love of her life has gone and left her all alone. The wake scene is very emotional, the people attending are trying to celebrate his life because that’s what he would have wanted, but all they want to do is mourn his loss.

When proceedings are over and things start to calm down, Holly falls deeply into depression. She won’t leave her flat, won’t wash, doesn’t eat properly, and basically falls apart. Her concerned friends and family try to snap her out of it, but nothing works. There’s only one person that can get her back on her feet, and he’s no longer around. Or is he? On her 30th birthday, Holly receives a cake from Gerry, and a tape recorded message telling her that he’s written a series of letters for her, and she must do everything he says. Shocked at first, Holly clings on to his every word and eagerly awaits new letters. Little does she know that the man who knew her best is trying to force her back into living her life instead of moping around.

This is such a touching film. The storyline is wonderful, and the way everything translated to screen was fantastic. I found myself alternately laughing and crying all the way through. And drooling at the gorgeous Gerard Butler and Jeffery Dean Morgan – cor how lucky is Hilary Swank to snog both of them?! But joking apart this really is a great big screen adaptation because although I knew the plot and what was going to happen, it’s so well done that it really tugged at my heart strings. The main characters are very well cast, and you end up adoring Holly because you can identify with what she’s going through as her actions are probably what most people would do.

Really lovely. Yes I’m a chick flick fan, yes I’m a chick lit fan. But I’m also someone that hates bad novel adaptations, and this was nothing less than spectacular. If you have a heart – you’ll love this.

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