Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Starring the cuddly Kevin James (see [intlink id=”784″ type=”post”]I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry[/intlink], amongst many others), Paul Blart: Mall Cop is like Home Alone with adults. Paul Blart is a 10 year veteran security guard at the West Orange shopping mall. He takes his job very, very seriously and yet gets no respect from the customers – from teenagers, to middle aged women, to the elderly. Blart takes a lot of abuse and yet, because he loves his job, he stays.

Despite being a hard worker, Blart has never landed his dream job of being New Jersey state trooper due to his excess weight. So he carries on regardless, using food as his comforter. He’s also been single for a long time following the disappearance of his wife. His daughter and mother are desperate to see him happy and actively encourage him to begin dating again.

Things finally start looking up when Blart notices a beautiful woman who’s working in the mall. He strikes up a rapport with her and they become friendly. However, this comes to an end when Blart gets horribly drunk at a work gathering and embarrasses himself, and her. Feeling more down on his luck than ever, he gets a final kick when the mall is taken over. Several people, including Blart’s love interest and daughter, are taken hostage.

He’s told in no uncertain terms to get out of the mall and to safety. However, knowing the two women he cares for so much are trapped inside with armed criminals, Blart can’t do it. He heads back inside and takes the criminals on himself, in a Home Alone-esque series of events, which are just as funny as Macaulay Culkin’s outings all those years ago. Finally, Paul Blart gets a chance to show what he’s really made of – and win the heart of his woman in the process.

Overall, not a bad film. It’s pretty funny, though not quite tears-to-the-eyes hilarious. It’s a clever plot, if a little slow in places. Basically, there are much worse ways to while away a couple of hours. If you like daft humour and Kevin James, you’ll be gently entertained by Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

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