Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Having been told I watch too many mainstream films and read too many mainstream books, I thought I’d give this one a try. I know it’s not strictly what you’d class as non-mainstream, but it’s more ‘different’ than what I usually watch, so give me some credit. I also thought it would be a gentle introduction to classic literature… so now I’ve watched the film, I want to read the book. Watch this space.

Now, Knightley also gave this film some extra credit because she’s beautiful, so I knew I’d have something to look at, if nothing else.

However, it was not necessary. After working out who all the characters were (some initial confusion as to why Mrs Bennet kept calling her husband Mr Bennet gave me a headache!) I started to get into it. I actually thought Knightley’s portrayal of Lizzie Bennet was fab. Being a bit naughty and very outspoken reminded me of me! Though perhaps I’m a little naughtier than Lizzie. Just a bit.

As Lizzie’s class quotes came rolling out of her mouth, I really started to get into it. I was expecting it all to be quite dull and very ‘proper’ but her saucy character really made it for me. There were slight annoyances, like the mother’s constant reference to her nerves.. but I tried to ignore it as I suppose that’s what women were like in those days, smelling salts and all that.

As the plots and subplots started to become apparent, I loved it even more, a big dollop of romance is just what a girl needs every now and again. Also the scenery and buildings in the film were beautiful. All in all, I’d recommend this, definitely more of a girly girly film though… but don’t expect much from the ending, it’s certainly not what I was expecting. Now onto the book…

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