Pride and Prejudice (BBC Drama)

Having watched the film version of this, I thought I owed it to myself to watch the series, which I was told was better because it had more time to go into detail and develop the characters. However, I was severely disappointed. I preferred the film version. I’m sorry to say I STILL haven’t read the book (I will, I promise!) but I’ve got a good enough idea of what happens, and I think they did a good job of cutting out any unnecessary parts for the film version. I felt this version dragged, and the characters were nowhere near as well cast. I’m a huge Colin Firth fan, and I eagerly awaited the wet white shirt scene – which was admittedly very nice – but in the rest of it he was very samey. Just giving his customary haughty stare and not much else.

The rest of the cast were unremarkable, with the exception of a couple. I thought Jennifer Ehle, who played Elizabeth Bennet, was very good, not to mention beautiful. And Julia Sawalha was superb as the irrepressible Lydia. Mrs Bennet drove me insane – and nobody else really stood out enough to comment on.

So overall, I was rather disappointed. I bought this expecting something really special, but I think I’ll stick to the theatrical version, at least until I read the book and realise they’re both rubbish!! This is still worth a watch, but you’re not missing an awful lot if you don’t.

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