Rachel Getting Married

After appearing in corkers like Becoming Jane, Brokeback Mountain and The Devil Wears Prada, I was quite surprised to see Anne Hathaway in this dire film. With a title like Rachel Getting Married, you could be forgiven for thinking it’s a chick flick. In actual fact, it couldn’t be any further away.

Rachel Getting Married is more of a misery film. I think it’s trying to be a serious film with morals, but it just turned out to be pretty damn boring. Anne Hathaway plays Kym, a girl with a troubled past who is battling it out in rehab for the umpteenth time. She has a day’s break from rehab in order to attend her sister Rachel’s wedding. At first it appears that the sisters get on well, but the longer the film goes on you realise Kym doesn’t really get on with anyone. Her parents are divorced, and her father is constantly checking up on her to make sure she’s not busy falling off the wagon somewhere, her sister wishes she wasn’t there and her real mother is nowhere to be seen. This is a really dysfunctional family.

The joy of the wedding is completely lost in Kym’s self-obsession. First, she gets angry because she’s not Matron of Honour, despite not having been around for the last nine months. She constantly argues with Emma, her sister’s friend and basically just traipses around theĀ  house like a moody teenager making sure that everyone is having as miserable a time as she is.

You’d think that finding someone who’s in the same situation as her for a bit of nookie would put a smile on her face, but nope. She’s still completely miserable and self-obsessed and makes a poor show of trying to make amends with those people that she’s hurt in the past with her behaviour. She’s actually just making herself look an idiot and taking the focus off Rachel and her husband-to-be. The story just gets more and more bizarre to an anti-climactic ending, which was still the best part because it meant there was no more.

This film just didn’t really have much point for me. The filmography was irritating, the plot was dull and poorly executed and it just dragged on way too long. If you’re looking for a good film for a night in, this ain’t it.

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