Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

I’d wanted to watch this ever since I heard it had the ‘Everything I Do’ song as its theme, because I love the song and figured the film would be pretty soppy, and what girl doesn’t want to watch a soppy film every now and again? I also love films/books based around folk/fairy tales/legends, so I thought I’d enjoy it. And also interesting to see a version that’s not Disney!

I enjoyed this right from the beginning, although it started off a little gruesome, it was certainly action-packed! It kind of reminded me of Disney’s Aladdin in a way, chopping hands off and stealing food to eat, etc. When Robin comes back to England, I liked the portrayal of the English countryside, though I found it a little strange that after so short a time after getting off the boat, they were in Nottinghamshire… on foot? But I suppose you have to suspend disbelief to a certain extent in films, so I’ll let that one slide.

I enjoyed how the storyline developed, in so much more detail than the Disney version (which of course is watered down for kids!), and you could really see the relationship between Robin and Maid Marion developing. The scenes in the forest where the outlaws really start to unite against evil was excellent, the banter between the characters was great. There was also the sinister young guy who had an inexplicable hatred and mistrust of Robin, I did suspect how that would pan out, and I guessed correctly.

Kevin Costner was fantastic as Robin, really enthusiastic and perfectly fitted the role. An ace bit of acting there, I felt, from an actor whose films I don’t really follow. I loved to hate the Sheriff of Nottingham (played by Alan Rickman, perhaps better known these days as Snape in the Harry Potter films, and the pervy boss in Love Actually) because he was so mean and arrogant.

Overall, a really good film made from a popular legend. My only criticism was the tongue in cheek jokes – to be honest I felt the film could do without those, they detracted from the film slightly and seemed a little pointless, given everything else was pretty serious… the love story in particular. If you like heroic action films/love stories, you’ll like this one! It’s an oldie but I enjoyed it.

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